Erotic Romance by Caryn Carter


TWO EROTIC TALES   of   White-Hot Passion

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an erotic romance
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Jazz pianist Eric Sweeney is at the end of a six-month gig at The Heritage Jazz Club in Manhattan. His thirty-fifth birthday is fast approaching and he still hasn't experienced the fanstastically wild sex of his dreams. What better gift to himself than a weekend under the tutlage of the sexiest woman he's ever met--the woman of his sexual fantasies?

Angel Duvernay's very conventional life has been turned upside down. She may be dying of a rare blood disorder. This could be her last chance to try some of the things she never dared before. Like take a lover for an erotic, short term affair. Angel never puts a face to her fantsy man, until she's introduced to Eric Sweeney.

After a weekend together, will Angel and Eric discover that fantasies can come true?

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Nick Fuller doesn't think Kevin Pitre, the man convicted of Nick's fiance's death, has paid his debt to society with a mere seven years in prison. Faced with an opportunity to put  Pitre back in jail, along with the woman Nick believes is equally responsible for his fiance's death, he devises a strategy to catch them both.

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The Seduction of Arabella Quinn is a page turner to the very end! The chemistry between Nick and Arabella is scorching....These characters are so believable that you can't help but be drawn into their world. If you're looking for a great suspense and sizzling sex then this is the story for you.
   Cindy of Fallen Angel Reviews